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map of the Newsome WardThe Newsome Ward area includes:

Armitage Bridge, Ashenhurst, Aspley, Berry Brow, Bluebell Hill, Broadgate, 
Folly Hall, Hall Bower, Highfields, part of Lockwood, Longley, Longroyd Bridge, Lowerhouses, Newsome, Primrose Hill, Rashcliffe, Salford, Springwood,
Stile Common, Taylor Hill and
Huddersfield Town Centre.

Newsome Ward has a diverse population of 19,837 residents [2011 ONS census].

You can use these data sources to find out more about our area. If you’re part of a community organisation, you might also be able to use some of this data to support your funding applications.

Data about the Newsome Ward

Newsome Ward Community Plan [2013]

Newsome Ward Community Survey [2013]

Newsome Ward profile – Kirklees Observatory

Grow your own food in Newsome survey [2009]

Stirley Farm Consultation [2010]

Open data from Kirklees Council

Other data you might find useful

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