Save Energy & Save

The official launch of Save Energy & Save is:

Wednesday 8th February at 9.30 am

Castle & Minster Credit Union Head Office
Civic Centre I
High Street

About the event

Come along to see interactive exhibitions about how you can save energy and save money. Displays will include a water meter, samples of cavity wall insulation, and some of the furniture items available through the scheme. You will also be able to talk to knowledgeable staff about Save Energy & Save, saving plans, and loans available through Castle & Minster Credit Union. A giant energy bill will be on display to help explain the often complicated charges. The Credit Union’s Honey Money Bee will also be on hand to meet and greet members and others attending the event.

About Save Energy & Save

Castle and Minster Credit Union are launching a new Save Energy & Save scheme to help people save money on their energy, water and transport bills, access low cost furniture and computers, and get general budgeting advice. It’s particularly useful for anyone who is on a low income, or who wants to be less dependent on loans.

Pay Day loan companies and Door-step lenders charge high interest rates, which can lead families into a cycle of debt. Instead, you can join Castle & Minster Credit Union to get lots of helpful advice about saving money, and you can use a Castle & Minster Credit Union savings account to put something away for a rainy day. If you’re already a member, you will benefit too.

Castle and Minster Credit Union are working with the council’s Environment Unit and a number of other organisations such as Metro, Yorkshire Water and Citizens Advice Bureau.

Metro are offering a discount Metrocard, with a 5% discount. Castle & Minster Credit Union can also provide you with an interest free loan to purchase quarterly or annual Metrocards.

Yorkshire Water can install a free water meter to help your family stay in control of how much water you use.

Citizens Advice Bureau can help you find the most effective tariff and provide advice on lowering your energy use, understanding bills and lots more.

Kirklees Council are offering free cavity and wall insulation and low cost high efficiency boilers through the boiler scrappage scheme. You can also access low cost computers, and free training is available through local libraries as part of the Getonline@home project.

Oxfam and Pass it On are local furniture recyclers who provide refurbished furniture in excellent condition such as sofas, beds and white goods (e.g. fridge freezers and washers) at very low prices. A further £50 cash back is also available to anyone joining Save Energy & Save.

Castle & Minster Credit Union are providing a dedicated expert advisor who will be available to offer one to one advice about accessing these offers. We will also be encouraging those joining the scheme to open a SAVY (Savings And Value for You) saving account with us to encourage the good practice of money management, by increasing savings and reducing dependency on loans.

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