Say no to the demolition of Newsome Mill

Say no to the demolition of Newsome Mill

The owner of Newsome Mill has made an application for Listed Building Consent to demolish the entire ground floor of the mill and the weaving sheds at the corner of Hart Street. What happens to our mill is a really important decision for Newsome and we want to make sure that the people who live and work here, and the people who grew up here, have a voice in what happens next.

A three-week public consultation about proposals to demolish Newsome Mill is open from Tuesday 28th February to Tuesday 21st March 2017. We believe that opposing the demolition is the best way to protect all the buildings at Newsome Mills, and to get the best from the site for local people.

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Find out more:

Newsome Mills Campaign

We recommend you read this advice:

Say no to the demolition of Newsome Mill – advice sheet (PDF)

Demolition or Regeneration?

Ideas for Newsome Mills by Richard Hannay

An alternative vision for Newsome Mills – ideas from architect Richard Hannay

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